Məxfilik siyasəti

Due to the nature of the retail and e-commerce business, Almali Store is often required to obtain Personal Information from our consumers, organizational sale customers, affiliates and vendors to successfully operate. Almali Store recognizes the need to maintain the confidentiality of private, highly confidential and proprietary information. This Data Privacy Policy (“Policy”) will offer a transparent breakdown of how Almali Store and our strategic partners protect the confidentiality of the information collected by Almali Store.


Almali Store is a “Data Controller”, a legal term which means we make decisions regarding how and why we collect and use your Personal Data. As the “Data Controller” we are responsible for ensuring that your Personal Information is only used for the purposes for which it was originally collected and in compliance with all applicable data protection laws. We are also responsible for ensuring that any third party that we authorize to process the data on our behalf, known as “Data Processors”, also follow these standards and use the data only for these same reasons.


If you have concerns or questions regarding this privacy policy, the use and collection of your Personal Data by Almali Store, or if you require more details on how we collect, store or use your Personal Information, you can contact our Compliance team at [email protected].